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Please read the following carefully before applying and then proceed to the ENTRY page.

*By applying for entry into the events, you agree to the terms and conditions set out in the pages below.

Overseas category

This advance application category has been established to allow people from all over the world to participate in Fukuoka Marathon.

Capacity 300 (first-come-first-served basis)
Eligibility Overseas nationals resident outside Japan
Applications begin April 17, 2023 (Mon.)
Applications close May 22, 2023(Mon.)
Applicable events Marathon (42.195 km)
Qualifications Those born before April 1, 2005 (excluding high school students) who are capable of completing a marathon within 6 hours 45 minutes.
How to apply Applications can be made by selecting the “Entry” from the menu and clicking the “Apply” button. Applicants need to be registered members of RUNNET GLOBAL. Please register for this service before applying (free of charge). Applications can only be made online (via a PC or smartphone)
Selection of entrants Entrants are selected on a first-come-first-served basis, and applications will close once capacity has been met.
Caution This category is for individual entry only. Group entry is not available in this category.
Refunds cannot be made following payment.Duplicate applications for the same event or for multiple events by the same person are not permitted.
Please read the guidelines carefully before applying.

Local advance applications for residents of Fukuoka City or Itoshima City

Event : Marathon
Eligibility : To be eligible for local advance applications, you must possess an address in either Fukuoka City or Itoshima City at the time of application.
3,000 local advance applications for residents of Fukuoka City or Itoshima City will be selected via a lottery. Those who fail to qualify for selection during local advance applications will automatically be entered into the lottery for standard applications.

General applications

Event : Marathon Wheelchair race Fun run
Eligibility : Applications can be made for the marathon, wheelchair race and fun run.
Selections for general applications are made at the same time as the lottery for those who fail to qualify for selection during local advance applications.
* Group entry is only available for the marathon and Fun Run

Volunteer runner category

For groups of 10 or more individuals participating in the marathon as volunteers, one person from that group will be entitled to compete in the marathon, limited to 100 places on a first-come-first-served basis. Note that you cannot nominate a specific volunteer as a runner in your group.

Fukuoka Sports Support Fund

The Fukuoka Sports Support Fund was set up as a way of collecting donations for providing opportunities to children and adults to experience sports. Your donations will help Fukuoka Marathon as a project aimed at promoting sports among citizens.

Donation amount: in units of ¥500 (voluntary: you can donate as many units as you like)
Please add a donation (voluntary) when paying your entry fee.

*You will be asked at the time of application whether you wish to make a donation.
*You cannot change your mind once you have committed to making a donation, and donations cannot be refunded following payment.

How To Apply

Online (via a PC or smartphone)
Processing fee for application ¥ 0
Entry deadline May 22 (Mon), 2023 8 pm
Selection of entrants Entrants will be selected by drawing lots if applications exceed capacity.
* In some cases, additional notifications of selection will be made.
Notification of selection results Via email
Payment of entry fee Successful applicants are required to transfer the entry fee to the designated account by the stipulated date.
Failure to pay the entry fee will result in selection becoming void.
The payment processing fee will vary depending on the total payment amount.
Notes on entry
  • ・Duplicate applications cannot be made for individual entry or group entry.
  • ・If you are eligible but fail to qualify for the local advance applications category, you will be re-entered automatically into the lottery for the standard application category.
  • ・Those whose address at the time of application is in Fukuoka City or Itoshima City will be entered into the lottery for the local advance category.
Notes on group entry
  • ・Group entry for 2-10 people is now available for the marathon (for both local advance and general categories).
  • ・All applicants for the local advance category are required to have an address within Fukuoka or Itoshima.
  • ・Applications should be made only online.
  • ・In cases where group applications are entered into the selection lottery, the final result will apply to all group members.
  • ・Start blocks for the race will be set according to each member’s expected finish time.
  • ・No group entries available for wheelchair race.
  • ・All group members are required to take check-in procedures individually.

Entry fees/processing fees

For domestic runners Registration is available on the Entry page (Japanese).

Event Application method During selection Total amount
Method of payment
of entry fee
Entry fee Processing fee
Marathon Online Card online payment
Convenience store online payment
Amazon Pay
Wheelchair race High school student
and above
Junior high school
Fun run High school student
and above
Junior high school

※This table can be scrolled horizontally.

  • ※1 Those contributing to the Fukuoka Sports Support Fund (in units of ¥500)must pay fees in addition to the entry fee.
  • ※2 In the event you need to pay the additional fee(s) described in *1, the processing fee will change according to the total payment amount as follows.
    [Total payment amount of ¥4,000 or under: ¥220/¥4,001 or more: total payment amount x 5.5%]

Notes on applications

  • (1)The following will result in applications being rejected.
    ・Duplicate applications for the same event by the same person (including duplicate applications both to individual and group categories, as well as applications for multiple groups by the same person).
    ・Applications for multiple events by the same person.
  • (2)Applications made outside of the application period will be invalid, and will not qualify for the selection lottery.
  • (3)While the organizers will inform all applicants (the representative member in the case of group entries) of the selection results via email or post, no subsequent attempts to contact applicants will be made in the event of notices of non-delivery or letters not being delivered due to problems with registered email addresses or postal addresses.
  • (4)Inquiries cannot be made regarding the status of applications or selection results.
  • (5)Substitute runners or the transfer of rights are not permitted. Entrants will be disqualified if found to have engaged in such acts. In such cases, the organizers will not provide any kind of compensation, and entry fees will not be refunded.
  • (6)The organizers accept no responsibility for delays in applications as a result of defects with or internet devices/lines.
  • (7)In the case of online applications, applications may not be possible due to issues with the user’s terminal, OS or browser. Please see the Fukuoka Marathon website for more details on user software environments (OS/browser).

Application rules

Applicants must agree to the following rules of application.

  • (1)In some cases, we may offer alternatives in lieu of cash refunds, including shopping vouchers such as QUO Cards or points awarded by the entry site.
    If the event is cancelled, entitlement to compete in the marathon will be transferred to the next event if entitlement was obtained by lottery or other means.
    If the event is cancelled due to reasons beyond the control of the organizers, such as earthquakes, wind or flood damage, storms, snowfall, unforeseen occurrences, mishaps, epidemics, or other similar cases, entry fees may not be refunded depending on the situation. In the case of a refund, expenses and other costs incurred up until the cancellation date will be deducted from the refund.
  • (2)False declaration of age, gender or address details for local applicants (Fukuoka City or Itoshima City residents), district of residence or nationality for overseas applicants, or entry by a person other than the applicant (fraudulent entry) will not be tolerated. In the event that an applicant has been found to have made a fraudulent entry, the applicant will be disqualified and the entry fee will not be refunded.
    Duplicate applications by the same person include applications made to both individual and group categories, applications for multiple groups, and applications for multiple events. If a member of a group is disqualified, the entire group will be also disqualified.
  • (3)Changes of events or cancellations after application due to personal reasons are not permitted.
  • (4)The entry fee will not be refunded in the event of cancellation.
  • (5)Applications received outside of the application period will be deemed invalid.
  • (6)The organizers will not be responsible for any delays in applications arising from malfunctions of Internet devices, connections, etc.
  • (7)The organizers will not respond to any inquiries, queries, etc. regarding application details, application status, or lottery results, including those from past competitions.
  • (8)All applicants (only representatives for group entries) will be notified of the results of the lottery by email.
  • (9)No reconfirmation will be made in the event of non-delivery of notification due to an incomplete or wrong email address.
  • (10)Minors must seek the consent of guardians before applying
  • (11)Receipts for entry fees, etc. can be printed from My Page.
  • (12)Substitute runners will not be accepted.

*Preventive measures against COVID-19 will be in place at the event in accordance with national and prefectural government notifications, etc. Information on such measures will be posted on the Fukuoka Marathon website and elsewhere.