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Race name



Fukuoka City, Itoshima City, Fukuoka Amateur Athletic Association


The Nishinippon Shimbun Co., Ltd.


Fukuoka Marathon Executive Committee

Managing organization

Fukuoka Amateur Athletic Association

Operational support

Fukuoka City Athletic Association

Special support

Kyushu Asahi Broadcasting Co., Ltd.
The Asahi Shimbun Company

Supporting organizations

Fukuoka Prefecture/Fukuoka Prefecture Board of Education/Fukuoka City Board of Education/Itoshima City Board of Education/Fukuoka City Sports Association/Itoshima City Sports Association/Fukuoka City Sports Association for the Disabled/Fukuoka City Sports Promotion Committee/Itoshima City Sports Promotion Committee/Fukuoka Recreation Association/Fukuoka City Liaison Council for Women’s Sports/Fukuoka Chamber of Commerce and Industry/Itoshima City Chamber of Commerce and Industry/Junior Chamber International Fukuoka/We Love Tenjin/Fukuoka Convention & Visitors Bureau/Itoshima City Tourist Association/Fukuoka City Medical Association/Itoshima Medical Association/Japanese Red Cross Society Fukuoka Branch/NPO Fukuoka Regional Association for the Promotion of Emergency Medical Treatment/Fukuoka City Municipal Council of Chairpersons from Seven Wards/Itoshima City Council for Ward Chairpersons/Fukuoka-Kitakyushu Expressway Public Corporation/Fukuoka Prefecture Bus Association/Fukuoka City Taxi Association/Fukuoka Trucking Association/Kyushu Railway Company/Nishi-Nippon Railroad Co., Ltd/Showa Bus Co., Ltd./Fukuoka City Council Marathon Confederation/Fukuoka Runners Club Network/Japan Slow Jogging Association/Fukuoka Marathon Itoshima Cooperative (in no particular order)

Date and time

November 10, 2024 (Sun) *Races will take place rain or shine.

  • 8:10Wheelchair race starts
  • 8:20Marathon/Fun run starts
  • 15:20Marathon finishes


All races are administered in accordance with the 2024 Rules of the Japan Association of Athletics Federations (JAAF) and the regulations for this competition.


  • (1)Marathon
    Start: Tenjin area (Tenjin Intersection, Watanabe-dori), Chuo-ku, Fukuoka City
    Finish: Itoshima City Koryu Plaza Shima-kan
    【Course certified by the Japan Association of Athletics Federations】
  • (2)Wheelchair race and fun run
    Start: Tenjin area (Tenjin Intersection, Watanabe-dori), Chuo-ku, Fukuoka City
    Finish: Fukuoka City Museum area

Events, number of entrants, time limits and entry fees

Event Category No. of entrants Time limit Fee
Registered athletes
7 hours
Wheelchair race
High school
and above
Individuals 20 30 minutes ¥3,300
Junior high school ¥2,200
Fun run
High school
and above
2,000 65 minutes ¥4,100
Junior high school ¥2,200

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*1 For the marathon, 500 for the overseas runner category, will be taken in advance of standard applications.
*2 Those signing up through the English website

  • (1)The fun run is not a competitive event but is meant for the enjoyment of entrants. Entrants in this event will not have their times recorded or receive awards. Also, the start line for the fun run will be set behind the last blocks for the marathon.
  • (2)Time limits are based on gun time.
  • (3)Duplicate applications cannot be made for individual entry and group entry.
  • (4)Group entry applications are limited to 2 to 10 people per group. In addition, all members of the group must participate in the same event.


  • (1)Marathon
    Athletes born on or before April 1, 2006 (excluding high school students)
    i) Registered athletes: Athletes registered with JAAF as of fiscal 2024
    ii) General: Those not registered with JAAF
    Categories i) and ii) are both open to anyone capable of completing the race within 6 hours 45 minutes including athletes from Japan and overseas who have been recommended by Fukuoka Marathon.
  • (2)Wheelchair race
    Open to anyone of junior high school age and above (excluding non-handicapped persons) capable of completing a race within 30 minutes in a racing wheelchair (in accordance with the Rules of the Japan Para Athletics).
  • (3)Fun run
    Open to anyone of junior high school age and above capable of completing a race within 50 minutes.

Escort runners

  • (1)Marathon and fun run entrants with disabilities who have difficulty running solo can be accompanied by escort runners (guide dogs not permitted). Marathon entrants can be accompanied by up to 3 escort runners, and fun run entrants by up to 2 escort runners. Note that entrants competing in the registered athletes section cannot be issued with a timing certificate by the Fukuoka Amateur Athletic Association if they are accompanied by escort runners for 2 or more.
  • (2)Entrants are not permitted to participate in wheelchairs in the marathon or fun run.

Regarding the Disability Challenge Support Project

We support junior high and high school students who are trying competing in the wheelchair race for the first time, as well as runners with disabilities who want to try competing in the marathon and the fun run.

Fancy dress

  • (1)Entrants competing in the registered athletes section are not permitted to run in fancy dress.
  • (2)All other entrants are permitted to wear fancy dress as long as their costume is suitable for a sporting event. Costumes that are offensive to other runners or supporters or which pose a risk to themselves or others are not permitted.
  • (3)Entrants are prohibited from inviting non-entrants onto the course to run with them. Entrants are also not allowed to run with baby strollers or pets.

Please be aware that entrants may be disqualified prior to or during events at the discretion of the organizers if they are deemed to have violated any of the above-mentioned points (1)–(3).


Checkpoints are located at the following places along the course out of consideration for traffic, security and race administration. You will be instructed to drop out of the race in the event that the organizers judge that you will not make it to the next checkpoint by the cut-off time, that your continued participation in the race will affect traffic restrictions, or that you are no longer fit to participate. If you are forced to drop out, please follow the instructions of staff and board a bus.


Place Distance Cut-off Time
1 Momochi Central Park 5.3km 9:25
2 Before Odo Nishi intersection 9.9km 10:09
3 After Imajuku Station intersection 14.3km 10:52
4 Ito Campus, Kyushu University 19.8km 11:44
5 Imazu Sports Park 25.0km 12:33
6 Kitazaki Elementary School 29.8km 13:20
7 Showa Bus Nishinoura Depot 32.9km 13:50
8 Before Imuta intersection 36.9km 14:28
9 Before Yoshida three-way-forked road 40.1km 14:59
- Finish 42.195km 15:20

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Wheelchair race

Place Distance Cut-off Time
1 After Welfare Center intersection 0.8km 8:15
- Finish 5.2km 8:40

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Fun run

Place Distance Cut-off Time
- Finish 5.2km 9:25

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Application periods

April 22th (Mon) 10:00 am – May 22th (Wed) 8:00 pm, 2024


  • (1)Method: Internet
  • (2)Selection: Entrants will be selected by drawing lots if applications exceed capacity.
  • (3)Payment: Successful applicants are required to transfer the entry fee by the stipulated date.


  • Time and date: 12 pm – 8 pm on November 8(Fri)/10 am – 8 pm on November 9 (Sat), 2024 (Tentative)
    * Check-in will be closed on the day of the marathon (November 10).
  • Venue: Fureai Park (western side of Fukuoka City Hall)


  • (1)Marathon
    ①Marathon (overall): 1st – 8th place for both men and women separately
    ②Marathon (by age group): 1st – 3rd place for both men and women separately (24 years and under, 25–29 years (divided into 5-year age groups up until 74 years), 75 years and above)
    *In the case of ②, no award ceremony will be held and certificates will be sent out at a later date.
    *Finisher certificates (containing the entrant’s recorded time) will be issued online.
    *Finishers in the registered athletes section can request to have a timing certificate issued on the day (fee applies).
  • (2)Wheelchair race
    ①General awards: 1st – 3rd place for men and women separately
    ②Junior (junior high and high school students): 1st – 3rd place
  • (3)Fun run
    Entrants in this event will not have their times recorded or receive awards. *Finisher certificates (containing no recorded time) will be issued online.

Handling of personal information

  • (1)The organizers will handle all personal information based on policies on protecting personal information drawn up by the organizers in adherence to the Act on the Protection of Personal Information and other related laws.
    Personal information is used for the purpose of improving services for marathon entrants, such as the provision of race guides,notification of related information, provision of services from marathon sponsors, supporters and related organizations, the publication of records (rankings etc.), and surveys.
    * In some cases, the organizers or Fukuoka Marathon Entry Center will contact applicants to confirm their application details.
    * Names will be displayed on Athlete Bibs. Also, names, ages, times, etc. will be made public on the Internet.
  • (2)For promotional purposes, the organizers or approved third parties may publish video footage, photographs, articles or personal records of the event through media including promotional materials, as well as television, radio, newspapers, magazines, and the internet.


  • (1)The organizers will transport entrants' baggage from start to finish locations. Please note that this service covers only items that fit in the hand luggage bag provided during check-in. Please be aware that traffic conditions may delay the arrival of baggage.
  • (2)Entrants are expected to train sufficiently, undergo a medical checkup, and otherwise be fully prepared for the event. It is your responsibility to check your health condition before participation
  • (3)In the event of an emergency during the marathon, such as an accident or fire, emergency vehicles may be given access to anywhere along the course. In such cases, races will be temporarily halted on the instructions of staff.
  • (4)Except for those displayed by the organizer, entrants are prohibited from wearing or displaying logos or trademarks representing a company or product name for the purpose of advertising during the event (including on the course).
  • (5)The organizers will not be held liable for any injury, illness, accident, loss, etc. not attributable to the fault of the organizers. Even if the organizers are deemed to be liable, except in cases of deliberate harm or gross negligence on the part of the organizers, liability shall be limited to the coverage provided by the insurance policy taken out by the organizers.
  • (6)Parking is not available at the venue, so please use public transportation. The organizers will not be responsible for entrants arriving late due to public transport or road traffic conditions on the day of the marathon.
  • (7)If the event is cancelled due to reasons beyond the control of the organizers, such as earthquakes, wind or flood damage, storms, snowfall, unforeseen occurrences, mishaps, epidemics, or other similar cases, entry fees may not be refunded depending on the situation. In the case of a refund, expenses and other costs incurred up until the cancellation date will be deducted from the refund.
  • (8)For event-related matters not covered above, please follow the instructions of the organizers.
  • (9)Guidelines are subject to change. Announcements will be posted on the Fukuoka Marathon website.